The Best Notion Alternative: 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To MeisterNote Today

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Tired of hearing your team moan about Notion? Are they frustrated by the interface? Distracted by features that go overboard? Sick of the website crashing? We have the answer – MeisterNote. Our online documentation tool is the sleek Notion alternative that can restore simplicity and get your team back on track. Here are five reasons why you should  choose MeisterNote as your Notion alternative today. 

The Best Notion Alternative: 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To MeisterNote Today

1. Functional Simplicity

Remember when you were little, and the most exciting thing about anything technological was all the buttons? It didn’t matter what the button did, as long as it looked cool and you could press it. That’s all nice, but now you’re older, and a cluttered interface is just plain confusing. Thanks to years of feature-loading, using Notion is like this old toy – lots of cool buttons, but too many for them to do anything properly.

Need a solid Notion alternative? Have a look at the list of MeisterNote features here.

When it comes to documentation software, MeisterNote is the fresh start your team needs: simple, functional, and beautiful. What does this mean? Instead of wasting hours trying to figure out an overwhelming interface, your team will focus their time on writing and organizing the documentation that can bring your company forward.

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It boils down to this: if you’ve decided to implement a tool so your team can work more efficiently, why choose a software that slows them down? Compared to the grinding, tiring process of getting to grips with Notion, MeisterNote is so intuitive it requires zero onboarding. From our tool’s dedicated dashboard, your team can find everything they’re looking for via a strong structure of notes and pages. It’s all there, right at their fingertips.

2. Oh So Suite: Integrations

Notion does a lot. That’s undeniable. But what’s the result? A clunky all-in-one tool that promises you the world, but instead delivers a mess. The alternative? A sleek tool with native integrations that gives you the world, and helps you clean up the mess. 

We believe in software that provides all the features you need, but none of the ones you don’t. Rather than being an overloaded documentation app with half-hearted features for a quick buck, MeisterNote forms part of a family of streamlined, dedicated productivity tools. You can integrate with MindMeister and MeisterTask if you want to, but it won’t interrupt your flow if all you need is your notes. 

The MeisterTask Integration

Projects need documentation. That’s why we’ve built MeisterNote to work seamlessly alongside MeisterTask, our Kanban-based tool that keeps your team aligned. The integration is so strong that you’ll never notice it’s two different tools: you’ll be able to maintain a solid overview while enjoying the benefits of two-purpose built tools, rather than an unhappy compromise with Notion. 

Find out more about the MeisterTask Integration on our website.

   Here’s what you can do with the MeisterTask Integration:

  1. Create Tasks. Easily create tasks anywhere in your note. Place the task in any section of any project you have access to in your linked MeisterTask account.
  2. Link Tasks. Link tasks as content blocks so that they are easily visible to readers of your note. You’ll see the task name, section, assignee and more.
  3. Convert Blocks or Text to Tasks. You can convert content blocks or text segments into actionable tasks. Enrich your documentation by including vital information on task progress.

3. MeisterNote Speaks German

German is the mother tongue for over 130 million people worldwide. What happens if you’re one of those 130 million and you need help, instructions or guidance for using Notion? You need a German-friendly, Notion alternative. 

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We’re here to save the day – MeisterNote is available in both English and German, proving ideal not only for the 1.35 billion English speakers worldwide, but also for those very important, and unfortunately overlooked, 130 million German users. If you’re working in the region, do your team a favor and help them feel at home with MeisterNote.

4. Notes Under Lock and Key

How does your team use Notion? Whether it’s for personal notes, project documentation, or budget outlines, this information should be protected. This is especially important because both Notion and MeisterNote are built on principles of effective and productive collaboration, and shared data is endangered data. In fact, a lack of good data security practice risks:

  • Malware.
  • Hacking.
  • Internal error and sabotage.
  • Vulnerable partnerships. 

Read more about these risks here.

Where’s the ray of sunshine in these dark skies we speak of? MeisterNote servers are located in an ISO 27001-certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany. Don’t know what that means? It means you can relax. Everything from your shopping lists to your most confidential company documents are safe with us. 

MeisterNote is GDPR Compliant. GDPR is built on principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency. It sounds good, and trust us, you want it.

Want more? We can keep going. Notion doesn’t support two-factor authentication. Guess who does? That’s right, your new favorite Notion alternative, MeisterNote. This adds a second layer of security and ensures your account will stay secure even if your password is lost or stolen. Two-factor authentication is pretty common these days – Notion has no excuse really, and MeisterNote doesn’t need one. 

5. What You Really Want To Know: It’s Cheaper

We could go on listing the details of all the things MeisterNote does better as a Notion alternative, but we think talking about money is more persuasive. For your team, MeisterNote can cost as little as €5.99 per user per month. Notion will cost you €8.84. The difference might seem small but if you have a team of 10, you’ll save €342 a year just by choosing a tool which is better anyway. It’s a win-win solution. 

But what about all the extra features you get with Notion? Don’t they make the cost difference worth it? Well if you really want the toy with buttons left, right and center then maybe. But be warned, toys that promise to do everything often break. In fact, Notion has a whole Twitter page just for reporting errors and system failures. In September, they shared an impressive six issues – that’s more than one a week (kudos to them for transparency). Is this a tool in which you actually want to store all of your team’s knowledge bases, project documentation and meeting minutes? We know what we’d prefer.

Find out more about our secure Notion alternative.

What Are You Waiting For?

The benefits of MeisterNote are compelling: 

And these are just three amongst many. Ready to try a Notion alternative that delivers? Have a taster with our free basic plan today – we’re sure it’ll whet your appetite for more.

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Why Do I Need a Notion Alternative?

Notion has been the go-to software for many teams for several years now. However, many companies are looking for Notion alternatives that are lightweight, reliable and secure. A common complaint is that Notion is too overloaded with features to be functional.

What Is MeisterNote?

MeisterNote is a collaborative online documentation software for teams. It can help your create useful content, share it with your team, and store information in a logical way.

Is MeisterNote a Good Notion Alternative?

For many teams, absolutely. MeisterNote is a more simple tool than Notion, which makes it easier for teams to use and for users to find the information they need. It’s also cheaper per user, per month.