Ulistic Welcomes New Clients with MindMeister

Ulistic is an internet marketing firm based in Calgary, Canada. Founded in 2007, the Ulistic team takes a unique approach to servicing small to medium sized businesses throughout North America. They aim to deliver a rock solid online marketing strategy to clients, without breaking the bank.

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“Providing clients with information and strategies through our Coaching & Mentoring program is the basis of our consultancy. Our 16-week program takes clients through three core modules. Sessions range from On Page Search Engine Optimization, Social Media for Business through to higher intelligence lessons on corporate reputation management,” Senior Advisor & Partner David West explained.

The Challenge

The challenge for the Ulistic team is to help clients take ownership of their own online marketing, or at minimum position them to outsource effectively. There is a ton of information delivered through the program and each coaching session ends with measurable goals. These goals may be to gather and manage information; they may be homework assignments or other measurable action items.

Prior to using MindMeister, Ulistic had no single point of collaboration with their coaching clients. “We needed a way to easily collaborate with clients to help retain valuable information during their coaching sessions, thus extending the value of our services far beyond the time spent with us,” says West.

The Solution

Ulistic have adopted MindMeister as a way to easily track actionable items with their coaching clients. The ability to share client maps and collaborate with the client culminates in a unique map tailored to every client’s goals.

Adopting a proactive approach, Ulistic’s coaching program is preceded with a welcome package that goes out to new clients, complete with pre-coaching actions to perform. The MindMeister setup and orientation is a formal part of Ulistic’s new client indoctrination.

Since adopting MindMeister as a formal part of their coaching and consulting services, Ulistic has added great value to their clients’ experience. Their teaching is often delivered in an accelerated manner and has been referred to by clients as “drinking from a fire hose.” It’s important to Ulistic that they prepare clients to learn, understand and act on their knowledge – MindMeister contributes to that mission.

We are seeing our clients adopt MindMeister outside of their coaching program too. A true testament to the value that MindMeister brings to business owners.

David West

The Ulistic team achieves all of this through the mantra that they are “Internet Consultants with a fresh approach to doing business online by empowering clients through education.” West made it clear, “MindMeister contributes to our fresh approach and clients are loving it!”

If you would like to learn more about Ulistic, visit ulistic.com

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