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MeisterNote is collaborative. Our intuitive comment and mention features help you work more effectively with others in your team. Bring clarity to your work – get more out of your coworkers’ feedback.




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Keep Your Focus

Well-Placed Feedback.

When it comes to working with others, a clear structure for collaboration is key. MeisterNote allows team members to leave comments inline with text, keeping feedback understandable and in the right place. You can even quickly hide comments to write in distraction-free mode.

  • Improve communication.
  • Promote inclusion and teamwork.
  • Maintain transparency and openness.

Structured and Logical

Start the Discussion.

MeisterNote helps you keep your comments on topic. Rather than scattered notes, comments are grouped into discussions to show a clear progression and reduce confusion. @Mention anyone who needs to be involved, then simply resolve the discussion when you’re done.

Let’s Talk About It

Features for Stress-Free Communication.

MeisterNote’s commenting and mentioning features have everything you need to enable effective communication and collaboration in your team. Let’s look at some of them in more detail.


Create comments on blocks or specific parts of text to make your voice heard. Work collaboratively and keep communication where it matters most.


Mentioning someone instantly sends them a notification. You can mention every member in note at once if there’s something everyone needs to know.


Get notified when someone mentions you, or if there’s a new comment on a note you’re watching. See all notifications via the widget at the top of the screen.

Note Watching

Add team members and stakeholders to your note as watchers. This is the simplest way to keep them up to date on comments and mentions in your notes.

Work Better Together

Comments, Mentions
and More.

Better Collaboration

Get Started with Comments and Mentions.

Collaboration can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t need to be. With a few simple steps in MeisterNote, you can achieve the perfect balance between promoting collaboration and preventing overload for your team.

  • Use permissions settings to limit note access.
  • Set “read only” permissions to restrict commenting.
  • Only use the “@here” mention when necessary.

Integrate with 20+ tools you already use.


„I like the possibility of making minutes in MeisterNote. It makes it easy to share and spread information in my team.“

„I like the possibility of making minutes in MeisterNote. It makes it easy to share and spread information in my team.“

Matthias Sieber

Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA

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