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Content Blocks.

MeisterNote is so much more than a word processing software. With customizable content blocks, you can add any type of content into your notes and create beautiful online documentation.



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Content that Shines.

MeisterNote’s content blocks make creating beautiful online documentation simple. Format text as headers, to-do lists, images, code snippets and more – or just embed existing content seamlessly into your notes. There are countless ways to make your point with MeisterNote: here are just a few.

  • Create or link tasks in MeisterTask.
  • Integrate mind maps in your notes.
  • Embed PDFs, spreadsheets and more.
  • Create checkable to-do lists.

Make a Note of It

Improve Your Organization.

Structured documentation helps you improve your organizational skills. Use MeisterNote as your note taking tool to create beautifully-structured documents in minutes. Format text so you can easily scan your content, highlight decisions in icon blocks, embed videos, or link to tasks in MeisterTask.

Write Here. Write Now.

Create Epic Content with MeisterNote.

MeisterNote’s content blocks can help you create beautiful, structured documentation. Use the tool’s exceptional features to make your notes stand out.

Document Management

Attach local files into your notes or choose from over 20 media embed types. Make your notes a one-stop-shop for up-to-date information!

Drag & Drop Content Blocks

Easily shift content blocks around your notes. Simply click any part of your note, move it and release it in the new position.

Block Formatting

Change content block styles to make your notes beautiful and easy to read. Choose from over 15 different styles in a range of attractive colors.

Keyboard Shortcuts

MeisterNote is fully-equipped with keyboard and Markdown shortcuts. Make attractive documentation without ever touching your mouse.

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Get Write to It

Start Writing with MeisterNote.

MeisterNote’s content blocks make it simple to create beautiful documentation. Your first note is created for you, all you need to do is start typing. Once you’ve written a few lines, adapt your existing content or create new blocks from the Add Block menu.

  • Explore block styles from the menu.
  • Customize colors and icons in text blocks.
  • Quick edit highlighted content with the context menu.

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„I like the possibility of making minutes in MeisterNote. It makes it easy to share and spread information in my team.“

„I like the possibility of making minutes in MeisterNote. It makes it easy to share and spread information in my team.“

Matthias Sieber

Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA

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