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For your customer support agents to be effective, they need all the relevant information at hand. Use MeisterNote to document feature requests, improve product knowledge and manage internal communication.




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Effective Communication

Four Easy Ways to

Maximize Your Support Team’s Success.

To ensure optimal customer experience, your team needs the right tools. MeisterNote helps customer success teams document complaints, organize requests and share customer feedback. Find out how you can improve support processes with MeisterNote.

Your Organization, Organized.

Knowledge Bases

Create a knowledge base in MeisterNote to give your customer success team instant access to documentation: on support processes, customer feedback and more. Easily retrieve existing information and add your own knowledge for the benefit of others in the company.

To the Minute.

Meeting Management

Use MeisterNote to run customer interviews like a pro. The tool’s template feature dramatically reduces preparation time and ensures you have a solid framework to ask the right questions. Take notes to ensure there is a record of topics discussed, saving time and boosting productivity.

Spread the Word.

Internal Communication

MeisterNote enables your team to share the latest views of customers with the entire company, helping align non-customer facing teams with the needs of the people who pay the bills. Publish regular updates via MeisterNote to connect your team without inefficient email chains.

Productive Everywhere.

Remote Work

MeisterNote helps your distributed customer success teams maximize the benefits of remote work. By facilitating a productive working environment and streamlining communication, even when agents are located permanently outside the office, your team can stay flexible and productive everywhere.

Consistent Success

Build a Knowledge Base.

With more knowledge, your customer success team can provide better support to your customers. Well-structured information helps agents to help themselves make well-informed decisions, fast. From handling customer questions to documenting bug reports, MeisterNote keeps your team on the same page.

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Become Customer Success Champions

With MeisterNote’s Collaboration Features.

MeisterNote was built to help your customer success team improve its communication and information flows. Alongside a streamlined interface, MeisterNote boasts a range of powerful features to help you manage and communicate information effectively.

Instant Sync

Don’t keep it to yourself! Anything you publish on MeisterNote is updated automatically for all users with access, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and information silos are avoided.


Enter keywords, topics or names into MeisterNote‚Äôs powerful search function to browse through your customer success content effortlessly. Find what you’re looking for in seconds.

MeisterTask Integration

Use MeisterNote to make a note of customer feedback from calls and interviews. Then, use the MeisterTask integration to turn their requests into structured tasks in seconds.

Comments & Mentions

Facilitate clear communication in your customer success team with MeisterNote’s inline commenting functionality. Quickly @mention collaborators to alert them to open questions.

From Start to Finish

MeisterTask Integration.

When customers get in touch about a problem, they want a solution quickly. MeisterNote’s MeisterTask integration makes the transition from request to task simple: simply write down the nature of the problem in MeisterNote and create a structured task on the relevant Kanban board.

  • Create tasks directly from MeisterNote.
  • Link to existing tasks in bug reports.
  • Assign tasks to the relevant team members.

Integrate with 20+ tools you already use.


“Since we began sharing company updates with MeisterNote, we’ve noticed significant improvements in employee engagement and company knowledge.”

“Since we began sharing company updates with MeisterNote, we’ve noticed significant improvements in employee engagement and company knowledge.”

Maximilian Benjamim-Graf

Head of Customer Success, Meister

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