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MeisterNote is a powerful documentation hub for design teams – a space for shared resources with endless potential. Use stunning collaborative features to keep your design guidelines, research and strategy organized.


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Consistent design is vital. MeisterNote gets your team on the same page – use the tool to centralize design guidelines and assets, keep materials up-to-date, and maintain open communication. Help your team work consistently with MeisterNote!

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Knowledge Bases

Use MeisterNote to create a company design handbook that educates your team about design guidelines and processes. Make designs accessible to the whole company or create a wiki that interlinks design information throughout the whole company.

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Remote Work

Design team spread across different locations and time zones? When creativity strikes, MeisterNote helps you maximize the benefits of remote work. Explore the tool’s flawless content creation functionality, then use real time editing and simple sharing options to bring your team into the picture.

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Internal Communication

Trends can change in a heartbeat – when they do, designs change rapidly. Use MeisterNote to keep your team up-to-date on the latest developments. The tool’s collaborative features and smart notifications help you share updates and insights effortlessly, without the need for inefficient email chains.

Organize for Success.

Project Documentation

Communicate concepts, research and solutions as part of a journey to stunning visuals with MeisterNote. As a project documentation tool, MeisterNote helps you organize your materials in a centralized area. Providing your team with a single source of truth increases alignment and ensures goals are achieved.

Your Blueprint for Success

Design Guidelines.

When designs are updated and new guidelines are formulated, it can be hard to keep your team on the same page. By managing design guidelines with MeisterNote, you can ensure that your guidelines are shared effectively and that everyone knows where to find the latest information.

Design Processes That Work

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MeisterNote Features for Design Teams.

MeisterNote is the perfect tool to create and manage all kinds of documentation in your design team. Share updates and insights, connect your team, manage design meetings and boost productivity across your organization. All of this in a tool that’s just as beautiful as your designs.

Real-Time Editing

Write what comes naturally. Capture beautiful, eye-catching notes in seconds using MeisterNote’s high-quality content creation functionality.

Content Sharing

Use MeisterNote to define your audience. Publish updates and share with the whole company, or limit access to specific design teams or designers using customizable permissions settings.


Boost your company’s overall design knowledge by embedding external content into your notes. Interlink your own MeisterNote content to create a personal wiki.

Comments & Mentions

Facilitate clear communication within your team with MeisterNote’s inline commenting functionality. Quickly @mention collaborators to alert them to open questions.

Clarity Through Consistency

Keep It Simple.

The better-informed your design team is about guidelines and progress, the smoother your design projects will run. Like good design, clarity requires consistency: MeisterNote ensures that research, concepts and, processes are presented to your team in a simple, consistent way.

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“I’ve migrated the entire company design handbook to MeisterNote. Our processes and requirements are more transparent, which has improved collaboration with other teams.”

“I’ve migrated the entire company design handbook to MeisterNote. Our processes and requirements are more transparent, which has improved collaboration with other teams.”

Adam Buckley

Design Lead, Meister

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