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Whether used as an aid for remote study or in-person learning, MeisterNote enables students and educators to communicate, collaborate, teach and achieve better outcomes in their work.


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MeisterNote makes remote learning easy. Whether you’re working alone or collaboratively, education stays fun and productive, despite the distance. Keep students and educators on the same page by centralizing materials in a single, easily-accessible location.

  • Guide discussions and debates.
  • Design projects and illustrate concepts.
  • Provide feedback and facilitate group work.

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MeisterNote stimulates curiosity beyond the classroom, creating an immersive learning environment in which students can collaborate and learn from each other. Create a collaborative knowledge base for class notes, centralize course information, share news, create presentations, manage extracurricular activities and more.

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MeisterNote offers a wide range of features that help students and educators extract maximum value from the learning experience.

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Why MeisterNote?

It’s easy to create and maintain an effective documentation tool for education with MeisterNote. Setting up your institution’s workspaces takes minutes, after which you can invite stuents and faculty members to add useful content. Use templates, labels and search terms to categorize information and make notes easier to find!

The incredible design and versatility of MeisterNote drives information creation and sharing into an extraordinary new dimension: it’s a powerful writing tool with your team at its heart.

Michael Hollauf

Co-Founder and CEO, MeisterLabs

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MeisterNote is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our products are hosted in the European Union with servers located in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

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