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HR team lost in a paperwork swamp? Create, organize and edit your documentation online! Reduce onboarding times, improve team productivity and centralize important information with MeisterNote.


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Your Company’s Shared Brain.

Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, or building a buzzing company culture; MeisterNote keeps your HR team on the same page. Transform policies, guides, and handbooks into stunning collaborative documents that are easily-accessible and always up-to-date.

Your Organization, Organized.

Knowledge Bases

An HR team helps employees fulfil their potential. Knowledge is key to this development: by storing collective know-how in a central knowledge base, you can establish a streamlined onboarding process and ensure less time is spent searching for information.

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Internal Communication

Make your voice heard. MeisterNote helps HR teams cultivate effective, dynamic internal communication. Reach your team faster and more effectively than ever before! Use the tool to share important information with your team at the perfect time – from company news, to newsletters, to internal blogs.

Never Miss a Minute.

Meeting Management

HR teams can shape their companies’ meeting management strategy: shorter, more relevant meetings have more value for everyone. Use MeisterNote to plan agendas, keep track of outcomes and assign action items. Enable more productivity and collaboration in your team!

Productive Everywhere.

Remote Work

Managing employees can be tough, and remote work has added to that challenge. However, an effective remote working tool helps employees maximize the benefits of their time in home office. Use MeisterNote to ensure your team feels included and that productivity stays high.

Boost Productivity

Faster Onboarding.

MeisterNote makes onboarding more efficient by giving new hires full access to the information they need. Create a knowledge base to organize important documents effectively, or build templates with individualized onboarding tasks. Speed up the path to productivity: use MeisterNote from day one!

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The Human Resources team is the backbone of any organization – but it needs the right tools to shine. MeisterNote helps HR teams cut through mountains of paperwork, work collaboratively on important information, and communicate with different teams effectively. Find out how!

Intuitive Navigation

Your internal communication will be far more effective if your team knows where to find the latest news. MeisterNote enables your team to browse through workspaces and notes via an intuitive interface and customizable note icons.

Instant Sync

Don’t keep it to yourself! Anything you publish on MeisterNote is updated automatically for all users with access, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and information silos are avoided.


Enter keywords, topics or names into MeisterNote’s powerful search function to browse through your knowledge base effortlessly. Find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Comments & Mentions

Facilitate clear communication within your team with MeisterNote’s inline commenting functionality. Quickly @mention collaborators to alert them to open questions.

Better Content

Better Engagement.

Internal communication should be more than just functional. Create beautiful content with MeisterNote that excites and inspires your organization’s employees, keeps teams aligned and promotes a culture of transparency and trust.

  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Access information from anywhere.
  • Locate information faster.

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“MeisterNote has changed our onboarding process for the better. We spend less time handing out information and more time engaging productively with new team members.”

“MeisterNote has changed our onboarding process for the better. We spend less time handing out information and more time engaging productively with new team members.”

Rabea Thies

Head of People & Culture, Meister

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