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Development Tools.

MeisterNote is the perfect tool for technical project documentation. By embedding content from your favourite dev tools, you can show off your code, websites and other projects. Create a hub of information within your notes!

Bring Information Together


Google Drive a black hole? Embed your cloud-based content – Sheets, Docs, Slides and more – into your notes. With direct links to your Google files, you’ll always have the latest information at hand.

Make the World Beautiful


Use MeisterNote’s embeds for creatives to fill your notes with beautiful designs, diagrams and charts. Spice up your note with a mind map, presentation or survey to bring creativity to your documentation.

See it. Hear it.


Want to add flavor to your note with a song? Enhance your knowledge base with a how-to video? With MeisterNote, you can! Embed audiovisual content from your favorite providers, and make your notes shine!

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