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MeisterNote is a powerful, collaborative tool for corporations that can power-up your internal communication strategy, helping you reach your team faster and more effectively than ever before. Use MeisterNote to create materials to be distributed internally or as a sleek, beautiful platform for mass communication.

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Internal communication should be more than just functional. Create beautiful content with MeisterNote that excites and inspires your organization’s employees, keeps teams aligned and promotes a culture of transparency and trust.

  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Access information from anywhere.
  • Locate information faster.

Internal Communication with MeisterNote

As Good as Your Word.

MeisterNote offers a simple, effective new approach to internal communication. The tool’s powerful features promote the effective sharing of updates and insights, allowing you to connect your team and boost productivity across your organization.

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Effective Internal Communication

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MeisterNote helps you to share important information with your team at the perfect time. From company news, to organizational initiatives, to internal blogs, MeisterNote ensures your team is always engaged and well-informed.

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Why MeisterNote?

If executed effectively, your communication strategy will not just deliver information, but encourage your team to act decisively upon the information they receive. Read more about how to create and maintain an effective internal communication strategy with MeisterNote on our blog.

  • Create content that inspires your team.
  • Ensure information is formatted and delivered consistently.
  • Avoid cliques and information silos.

The incredible design and versatility of MeisterNote drives information creation and sharing into an extraordinary new dimension: it’s a powerful writing tool with your team at its heart.

Michael Hollauf

Co-Founder and CEO, MeisterLabs

Securing Your Ideas

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MeisterNote is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our products are hosted in the European Union with servers located in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

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