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Successful marketing teams drive growth – but great results need communication, collaboration and organization. MeisterNote helps you create content, share ideas and stay connected throughout marketing projects.


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Marketing teams have a lot on their plates: creating collaterals, planning campaigns, managing platforms and more. Alignment is key to achieving your goals. Use MeisterNote as a central location for key information and keep everyone on the same page.

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Internal Communication

Power-up your internal communication strategy with MeisterNote and reach your team faster than ever before. Create beautiful content, then use the tool’s smart collaborative features to share information effortlessly.

Your Organization, Organized.

Knowledge Bases

Marketing teams accumulate plenty of paperwork. Briefing documents, strategy plans and project roadmaps can be lost if information is stored ineffectively. Use MeisterNote to create a central knowledge base for your team, keeping content organized and accessible.

Never Miss a Minute.

Meeting Management

Solid meeting management can give greater purpose to your marketing jour fixe or one-on-one talks. Use MeisterNote to plan an agenda and share it with participants in advance. Then, assign action items via the MeisterTask integration to ensure productivity throughout your workflow.

Centralize. Streamline. Organize.

Project Documentation

Marketing projects getting out of hand? Use MeisterNote to create and organize project documentation. Keep all information relevant to your marketing projects in a single source of truth. Campaign drafts, blog posts, go-to-market strategies and social media content: all in one place.

Clarity Through Consistency

Keep it Simple.

The better-informed your team is about your objectives, the smoother your marketing projects will run. Clarity requires consistency: MeisterNote ensures that the same information, processes, and plans are consumed by your team in a simple, consistent way.

  • Real-time editing for collaborative documents.
  • Advanced sharing permissions for teams and users.
  • Clear, customizable note formatting.

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MeisterNote’s Features for Marketing Teams.

When it comes to managing your marketing team, you need the best tools for the job. MeisterNote helps you to create content and centralize information for the various stakeholders you work with. Explore our feature set and see how MeisterNote can boost productivity in your company.

Content Sharing

Need to communicate the latest marketing plans? Use MeisterNote to define your audience. Publish updates and share with the whole company, or limit access to specific teams using customizable permissions settings.

Attachments & Embeds

Want to show your marketing videos in your notes? Get feedback on a new track for an advert? With MeisterNote, you can! Embed external content into your note and keep all your marketing collaterals at-a-glance.

Version History

MeisterNote’s version history shows updates to documents over time. When your marketing materials need updating, you can keep track of revisions and know exactly who changed what, when.

Comments & Mentions

Facilitate clear communication within your team with MeisterNote’s inline commenting functionality. Quickly @mention collaborators to alert them to open questions.

Better Meetings

Improved Collaboration.

Bad meetings don’t just waste time – they also produce less valuable outcomes. MeisterNote is perfect for improving the meeting culture in your marketing team. Use the tool to take beautiful minutes, then collaborate effortlessly with colleagues before, during and after the meeting.

  • Agenda sharing features.
  • Real-time editing for all participants.
  • Store historical minutes in workspaces.

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“Managing our marketing project documentation in MeisterNote is a game changer. We have a solid overview of budgets and to-do lists, as well as the power to convert items into trackable tasks in MeisterTask.”

“Managing our marketing project documentation in MeisterNote is a game changer. We have a solid overview of budgets and to-do lists, as well as the power to convert items into trackable tasks in MeisterTask.”

Martin Babry

Head of Marketing, Meister

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