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MeisterNote is the last word in collaborative online documentation for teams. This powerful tool was built to help you establish effective online documentation processes and create unforgettable content. MeisterNote drives content creation, information sharing and organization into a whole new dimension.









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A Tool for Your Team.

MeisterNote can help everyone create and organize documentation online – from individual users to whole teams. In single-player mode, MeisterNote is perfect for self-management, personal note taking or distraction-free writing. For teams, the tool can improve knowledge sharing, internal communication, project documentation and so much more.

Customizable to You

The Perfect Documentation Software.

MeisterNote’s features help you write collaboratively, centralize information, and communicate with your team. It’s sleek, streamlined and secure. The core features of the product – dashboard, workspaces, notes, and content blocks – provide the framework for awesome solo and group work.


The dashboard is your “home screen” in MeisterNote and where you can find all the workspaces you are part of. You can also access recently-accessed, “favorite” and deleted workspaces from here.


Workspaces are folders for your notes. Keep notes in your personal workspace or in a shared workspace, depending on who should have access. Add icons and descriptions to customize your workspaces further.


Notes are the files that you make in MeisterNote – depending on what you’re writing, they can be anything you want them to be. Customize notes with a cover image and note icon, or create sub-notes to keep a hierarchy.

Content Blocks

Choose from 15+ content block styles to make your notes perfect for you. In addition to basic formatting options, content blocks can be mind maps, tasks, images, code snippets, or other media embeds.

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What’s New?

Our Latest Feature Updates.

We’re constantly improving MeisterNote, aiming to provide the perfect documentation experience to our users. Check out our newly-added features, each designed to improve team collaboration and productivity.

Travel Through Time.

Version History

Never lose an update. Enjoy MeisterNote’s clear, concise version history, which shows a detailed summary of changes to each of your notes over time.

Copy. Paste. Write.


Save time and effort by converting your existing notes into multi-use templates. Create ready-to-use content for project meetings, specification documents and much more besides. Skip the paperwork: focus on what matters.

Everything Inline.

Embedded Content

Want to embed a map, drawing or Google Doc? Add flavor to your note with a video or a song? With MeisterNote, you can! Embed anything into your note to keep external content aligned with your beautiful notes.

Tip. Tap. Type.

Keyboard Shortcuts

MeisterNote is now fully-equipped with keyboard command and Markdown shortcuts. Create any type of content and navigate your notes without ever touching your mouse.

Create. Link. Assign.

MeisterTask Integration.

Harness the power of the Meister Suite. MeisterNote integrates with MeisterTask, our task management tool, to connect your projects and documentation. With the integration, you can create new tasks directly in MeisterNote or link to existing ones from your notes.

  • Dedicated content blocks for tasks.
  • Use a purpose-built task management tool.
  • No need for clunky all-in-one software.

Integrate with 20+ tools you already use.


“MeisterNote is perfect for documenting large-scale development projects. All the documentation created — specifications, meeting minutes, to-do lists and the like — is stored logically.”

Mara Münzing

Product Marketing Manager, Meister

Notes Under Lock and Key

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MeisterNote is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our products are hosted in the European Union with servers located in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

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