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MeisterTask Integration.

MeisterNote integrates with MeisterTask, our task management tool, to connect your projects and documentation. Create new tasks directly in MeisterNote or link to existing ones from your notes.


Existing Tasks


New Tasks


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Task Progress

The Power of Words

Effective Project Documentation.

Project documentation should facilitate project success, not become a job in itself. Use the MeisterNote-MeisterTask integration to keep track of all your project goals and manage action items straight from your project documents. It’s beautiful, end-to-end workflow management.

  • Dedicated content blocks for tasks.
  • Use a purpose-built task management tool.
  • No need for clunky all-in-one software.

From To-Do to Done

Manage Meeting Action Items.

Meeting management means following through on the topics discussed. Our MeisterTask integration makes that simple: assign action items and tasks to the relevant team members, then follow progress on either platform. Ensure better meeting outcomes and improve productivity.

Put the “Great” in Integration

Features That Make Projects Work.

The MeisterTask integration offers endless benefits for project and cross-functional teams. These easy-to-use features can help you and your team keep track of both projects and day-to-day tasks.

Create Tasks

Easily create tasks anywhere in your note. Place the task in any section of any project you have access to in your linked MeisterTask account.

Link Tasks

Link tasks as content blocks so that they are easily visible to readers of your note. You’ll see the task name, section, assignee and more.

Convert Text to Tasks

You can convert whole content blocks or text segments into actionable tasks. Enrich your documentation by including vital information on task progress.

Task Widget

Every task that is linked from your note is visible from the task widget in the right sidebar. Keep an overview of linked tasks and never lose track of progress.

It’s Better When It’s Integrated

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Start Using the MeisterTask Integration.

To use the MeisterTask integration, you’ll need a MeisterTask account with the same credentials as your MeisterNote one. Once you’re logged into both tools, you can start getting productive with the Meister Suite right away.

  • Create a MeisterNote to-do list during a meeting or brainstorming session.
  • Create new tasks from the action items.
  • Track progress from your note!

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“Managing our project documentation in MeisterNote gives us an overview of budgets and to-do lists. We can convert items into trackable tasks in MeisterTask.”

“Managing our marketing project documentation in MeisterNote is a game changer. We have a solid overview of budgets and to-do lists, as well as the power to convert items into trackable tasks in MeisterTask.”

Michelle Matus

Marketing Director, Meister

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