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Organized, accessible project documentation is a vital to effective project management. MeisterNote helps you organize project documentation in a single, centralized area, providing a single source of truth, increasing alignment and ensuring goals are achieved.






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Project Documentation, Explained.

Project documentation is a simple principle that’s difficult in practice: maintaining all the documents related to a project. Even in Agile projects, poor documentation causes delays that leave customers unsatisfied. The good news? It’s avoidable. With a project documentation tool, you’ll keep your team aligned, boost productivity and achieve better outcomes.

Stay Close.

Structure Information

Your project needs different documentation at each stage of its life cycle: maximizing alignment and accountability. From planning to execution to review, a dedicated project documentation software enables you to store vital information in a way that stakeholders can actually use.

Keep it Documented.

Record and Organize

Project documentation comes in all shapes and sizes – spreadsheets, PDFs, text and more. A smart project documentation tool will allow you to store different types of documents in a central location. Whenever something is changed, it’ll be updated for everyone in real time.

Whose Task Is It Anyway?

Improve Clarity

Project documentation often relates to in-progress tasks – and sometimes tasks and documentation are updated at different speeds. Bridge the gap with a documentation tool that integrates into your existing Agile setup, and achieve maximum clarity across platforms.

Centralized Information

Everything in One Place.

MeisterNote is a centralized hub of project information: no more email chains or black hole folders. Increase value across your entire project portfolio by transferring insights stored in MeisterNote to new projects effortlessly.

  • Record key project details centrally.
  • Create attractive project documentation.
  • Increase knowledge value across projects.

Talk Less

Do More.

Project documentation facilitates project success. MeisterNote is essential to streamlined, effective projects: a centralized, logical repository of project information that is simple enough for the entire team to understand. Bring all your project documents into one place and create attractive project documentation with MeisterNote.

Project Documentation with MeisterNote

Get Organized.


Get alerted instantly in-app if you’re mentioned in a comment or if someone replies to you in a discussion. Alternatively, activate note watching to get updated whenever someone leaves a comment.


Enter keywords, topics or names into MeisterNote’s powerful search function to browse through your project documentation effortlessly. Find what you’re looking for in seconds.


Sail effortlessly through your knowledge base by linking to specific notes and blocks in MeisterNote. Use interlinking to create helpful internal wikis for your team.

Comments and Mentions

Facilitate clear communication within your project documentation with MeisterNote’s inline commenting functionality. Quickly @mention collaborators to alert them to open questions.

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Clarity through Consistency

Keep it Simple.

The better-informed your project team is about goals and progress, the smoother your project will run. Clarity requires consistency: MeisterNote ensures that the same information, processes, and plans are consumed by your team in a simple, consistent way.

  • Clarify project expectations and objectives.
  • Break down project work into manageable blocks.
  • Plan and assign resources.

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“Managing our marketing project documentation in MeisterNote is a game changer. We have a solid overview of budgets and to-do lists, as well as the power to convert items into trackable tasks in MeisterTask.”

“Managing our marketing project documentation in MeisterNote is a game changer. We have a solid overview of budgets and to-do lists, as well as the power to convert items into trackable tasks in MeisterTask.”

Martin Babry

Head of Marketing, Meister

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MeisterNote is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our products are hosted in the European Union with servers located in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

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