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Project managers have enough on their plates – don’t let documentation hold you back! Use MeisterNote’s features for project management to organize your team, tasks and resources effectively.


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Powerful Project Documentation.

As a project manager, you need to stay on top of project paperwork. Confusion, knowledge loss and wasted time can kill team efficiency. Choose the right project documentation software and stay on track: here’s why MeisterNote is perfect for your needs.

Centralize. Streamline. Organize.

Project Documentation

Using MeisterNote to create and organize project documentation makes your projects easier to manage. Get a clear overview of objectives and progress with efficient, centralized project documentation. Keep all information – project plans, schedules, deliverables and more – all in one place.

Spread the Word.

Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is key to successful project management. Keep team members up to date and informed about important goals, decisions and deliverables, improving team productivity. MeisterNote is a powerful collaboration tool that helps you reach your team quickly and effectively.

Never Miss a Minute.

Meeting Management

Harness the power of your project meetings: make them shorter, more relevant and more valuable to your team. Use MeisterNote to plan agendas, keep track of outcomes and assign action items. Share minutes with your team members to power-up productivity and collaboration in your team.

Productive Everywhere.

Remote Work

If your team works remotely, keeping them aligned can be a challenge. MeisterNote helps your team collaborate and communicate effectively: use the tool to share project goals, collborate on deliverables or document meeting outcomes. Keep track of progress by making sure everyone is on the same page.

Talk Less

Do More.

Project documentation facilitates project success. MeisterNote is central to effective project management: a centralized repository of information that your entire team can understand. Bring all your project documents into one place and create attractive documentation with MeisterNote.

  • Record key project details centrally.
  • Create attractive project documentation.
  • Increase knowledge value across projects.

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Boost Project Efficiency

Collaborate with MeisterNote.

Documenting meetings? Communicating plans and goals? Creating and sharing project reports? MeisterNote keeps your team aligned and collaborative. The tool’s powerful features promote sharing and joint work, allowing you to connect your team and boost productivity across your organization.

Content Sharing

Use MeisterNote to define your audience. Publish project updates and share with the whole company, or limit access to specific teams and individuals using customizable permissions settings.

MeisterTask Integration

Keep your team on track via MeisterNotes’s seamless integration with MeisterTask. Convert content blocks to actionable tasks, or link tasks in notes to provide context and clarity for everyone.


Sail effortlessly through the different parts of your project’s documentation by linking to specific notes and blocks in MeisterNote.

Comments & Mentions

Facilitate clear communication within your team with MeisterNote’s inline commenting functionality. Quickly @mention collaborators to alert them to open questions.

The Information You Need

Delivered on Time.

As an internal communication platform, MeisterNote allows project managers to share key information at the right time. Keep messaging consistent across all channels, informing your team and external stakeholders about crucial project goals. Provide timely updates on project progress with MeisterNote.

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“MeisterNote is perfect for documenting large-scale development projects. All the documentation created — specifications, meeting minutes, to-do lists and the like — is stored logically.”

“MeisterNote is perfect for documenting large-scale development projects. All the documentation created — specifications, meeting minutes, to-do lists and the like — is stored logically.”

Mara Münzing

Product Marketing Manager, Meister

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