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MeisterNote can help your organization maximize the benefits of remote work. By facilitating a productive working environment and streamlining communication even outside the office, your employees gain the flexibility to enjoy their work to the fullest possible extent.


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A Single Source of Truth

Centralized Information

When you work remotely, alignment is key. MeisterNote makes it easy to get everyone on the same page by storing information in one easily-accessible place. From this single source of truth, team members can find whatever they need, wherever they are.

  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Access information from anywhere.
  • Locate information faster.

Structured Content

Better Engagement.

MeisterNote is a centralized hub of information: your team doesn’t need to be physically present to access the data they need. Save time and increase alignment by transferring insights stored in MeisterNote to other locations effortlessly.

  • Record key information centrally.
  • Create attractive, engaging documentation.
  • Increase knowledge without personal meetings.

Remote Work with MeisterNote

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MeisterNote offers a wide range of features that help teams stay aligned and efficient while working remotely.

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Why MeisterNote?

MeisterNote is a beautiful, intuitive home for team information, communication and collaboration, designed to help you work together no matter where you are. Keep your team knowledge in one place, stay up-to-date with company updates and manage your meetings in one tool.

The incredible design and versatility of MeisterNote drives information creation and sharing into an extraordinary new dimension: it’s a powerful writing tool with your team at its heart.

Michael Hollauf

Co-Founder and CEO, MeisterLabs

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MeisterNote is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our products are hosted in the European Union with servers located in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

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