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Your sales team is at the front line of your business development efforts. Documenting commercial activities is key to keeping salespeople on their game: use MeisterNote to help them perform at their peak.




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Document Your Deals.

Can’t find the perfect pitch? Need more information to close your deal with a lucrative new customer? MeisterNote helps take the stress out of sales, supporting your team to focus on their most important tasks.

Your Organization, Organized.

Knowledge Bases

Give your sales team full access to corporate information to make commercial activities efficient and cost-effective. A central knowledge base acts as a resource that keeps content organized and easy-to-retrieve. By increasing transparency, your company know-how can benefit everyone!

Spread the Word.

Internal Communication

Sales pay the rent – so good commercial news gives every team in your company a boost. With MeisterNote, you can share updates with your team through regular updates and attractive internal blogs. Power-up your internal communication strategy to reach your team faster than ever before!

Never Miss a Minute.

Meeting Management

A solid meeting management strategy makes your sales meetings shorter and more productive – freeing up time for your reps to get back on the phone. Use MeisterNote to plan agendas, keep track of meeting outcomes and assign action items, boosting productivity and collaboration in your team.

Centralize. Streamline. Organize.

Project Documentation

Big sales push ahead? Get ahead of the paperwork early. Use MeisterNote to create and organize documentation, making your project easier to manage. Create sales playbooks, organize collaterals and track progress with an efficient, centralized project documentation tool.

Cash in on Information

Knowledge Bases for Sales.

Structured, accurate information helps salespeople get more out of their calls and pitches. By creating an easily accessible knowledge base in MeisterNote, you can organize and present this information effectively. Ensure your sales team is always on their game – use MeisterNote to create beautiful sales documentation.

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Streamline Sales Documentation.

MeisterNote is the perfect tool to organize shared resources, helping your sales team maximize their potential. Use the tool’s outstanding feature set to achieve your objectives and convert promising leads into happy customers.

Content Sharing

Need to communicate the latest sales activities? Use MeisterNote to define your audience. Publish updates and share with the whole company, or limit access to specific teams using customizable permissions settings.

Attachment & Embeds

Want to embed a document, spreadsheet or PDF? Add flavor to your note with a video or image? With MeisterNote, you can! Embed external content into your note and keep all your sales collaterals at-a-glance.


Enter keywords, topics or names into MeisterNote’s powerful search function to browse through your logs and updates effortlessly. Find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Presentation Mode

Looking to present important company information in an attractive, easy-to-edit format? Look no further than MeisterNote. Presentation mode can help you create professional slides instantly.

Boost Productivity

Faster Onboarding.

While your new sales team members are onboarding, they’re not selling. Reducing the time needed to get new hires up to speed can boost your profitability. Use MeisterNote to create a concise onboarding guide, minimizing time wasted searching for information and ensuring productivity from day one.

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“Sales collaterals, playbooks, pitch decks and more… all stored in one place. It couldn’t really be easier for my team, could it?”

“Sales collaterals, playbooks, pitch decks and more… all stored in one place. It couldn’t really be easier for my team, could it?”

Madlen Sophie Rapberger

Head of Sales, Meister

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